MFL Legends of the Month

Here are our MFL Legends of the Month for October! Well done, everyone. Miss Kandola: Darcey Blackett  for Spanish Safah Hussain  for Spanish Caroline Rosado for Spanish Zayn Mohammad Arif for Spanish AmyLeigh Gash for Spanish Kian Dearden for Spanish Molly Plant  for Spanish Atmar Faghirzeh for Spanish Dakota Whincup for Spanish Kaif Hameed for […]

Golden Book Awards

Congratulations to the following Music students who recently received their Golden Books. These were awarded to students for consistent and excellent presentation in their books. Well done keep up the good work! Isabelle Walker Melissa Lonergan Maya Raja Cierra Thompson Sariya Pearce Ruby Adams Manasik Mohammed Kristina Magda Sahibjit Saroya Dante Horne Sebastian Horvath Janea […]