“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Y11 Parents Consultation Day – Tuesday 4th October


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Maths Superior Students of the Week

The following students have worked really hard in their Maths lesson and have really impressed their teacher. Well done!

Mrs Horner: Brandon Oliver Y7, Maria Ilkova Y7

Mr JonesAlfie Ashe Y8, Timea Hlavacova Y10

Miss Bacon: Daniel Harrison Y10

Miss Williams: Alexi McGill Y7, Ibrahim Hussain Y7, Bisma Shahzandi Y8, Caleb Rodwell Y9

Mr Dolby: Ester Ruvimba Y8

Mrs Liversidge: Matthew Bywater Y10, Chisom Christopher Y10


Y7 Excellent Science Work!

Our Y7 scientists have been learning about animal and plant cells and have produced some amazing work! In recognition of this, they have all been

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