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Superior Students of the week: English

The English department has had another successful week with lots of students displaying tremendous effort and enthusiasm for their learning. We have seen students face their fears of reading out in class, some excellent self-reflection of written work and our Year 7 and 8 students making an incredible start to their Accelerated Reading lessons.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students of the week!

Mrs Mather: Hassan Kassim 10.B & Lewis Richardson 11.C
Miss Allison: Savannah Elliott 07.C & Sarah Ibdali 10.F
Mr Tingle:Jacob Lewis 08.E & Allegresse Apangande 09.C
Miss Pyott: Molly Plamt 08.I & Corey Brailsford 09.G
Miss Wilkinson: Petr Ctrvtka 08.G & Jacob Kalaj 11.E
Miss Jabeen: Husna Hussain 09.F & Kristyna Bracova 11.F
Miss Grundy: Jackson Machin 07.D, Aliyah Iqbal 09.B & Josh Myers 09.H
Mr Foster Finn: Aliyah Khan 07.D & Kailum Ward 10.G
Miss Quartermaine: Amana Farooq 09.G & Marketa Rusenkova 10.F


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