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Y11 Football vs St Bernards ⚽

Mr Hammill and Mr Napper took the Y11 boys for a cup fixture against St Bernards this evening.

The boys won 2-1 with goals from Owen Thompson and Kyle Atkinson. The goals were a mixture of hard work and skill. Owen Thompson chased the keeper down and tackled the ball into an empty goal. Kyle hit a brilliant volley over the keeper from 30 yards in front of his mum and dad, but unfortunately, he was too cool to celebrate.

Most importantly every single one of the boys conducted themselves brilliantly, the referee commented on their manners, hard work, and will to win. The boys played with a smile on their faces, communicated well, and backed each other up from the first minute to the last as any good team should.

At the final whistle, all the lads got together with smiles on their faces and congratulated each other on their hard work, and celebrated their win.

If you see the boys please congratulate them on the win and the effort which they showed:

Sebastian Ilko
Rastislav Dunka
Hamid Deghan
Stefan Varadi
Richard Eblet
George Walker
Juraj Polak
Kyle Atkinson
Finley Gilberthorpe
Jayden Moore
Lewis Richardson
Ludo Sivak
Owen Thompson
Jesus San Guerra
Corey Sanderson

Please feel free to also congratulate Mr Napper on his 100% managerial record, he is very proud.

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