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Y11 Parents Consultation Day – Tuesday 4th October


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English – Superior Students of the week

As the end of half term draws nearer, students continue to work at full speed in the English department.

They are showing fantastic initiative, meeting teachers at break time to work on assessments and complete reading records. We are seeing some exceptional effort from students across all year groups and couldn’t be more proud of their work!

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

Kaci Davies 07.C

Zaynab Ahmed 11.B
Miss Allison

George Shengelia 07.A
Haniah Khan 09.H
Mr Tingle

Michaela Zigova 08.C
Brett Baldwin 11.E
Miss Pyott

Sherefedin Xhoka 07.C
Kevin macula 10.A
Miss Grundy

Mijda Bagzad 08.F
Ethan Lee 10.E
Mr Foster Finn

Bryan Joni 07.H
Nene Barry 10.C
Miss Quartermaine


Y7 Excellent Science Work!

Our Y7 scientists have been learning about animal and plant cells and have produced some amazing work! In recognition of this, they have all been

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