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English – Superior Students!

After a well-deserved half-term break, our students have started the new term full of enthusiasm in English. Staff across the department have seen some super examples of descriptive writing, thoughtful responses to one of our class texts, ‘Of Mice and Men’, and outstanding effort towards reading in our Year 7 and 8 classes.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students! You are shining examples of the Clifton English Way!

Zaynab Hussain 10.A
Matthew Bywater 11.A
Miss Beard 

Elisha Drewett 08.G              
Jenson Sidebottom 10.E  
Miss Allison

Jaiden Allen 08.D                 
Morgan Sanaghan 09.C 
Mr Tingle 

Malaika Khan 08.I                
Maryam Bagzad 10.A
Miss Pyott   

Isabella Fellows 09.B              
Jake Harrison 10.E    
Miss Jabeen

Alexi McGill 08.G               
Gull Bhutta  11.F
Miss Wilkinson 

Lyra Sabir 07.H                   
Timea Fakoova 10.F
Miss Grundy 

Alfie Howard 08.G               
Rastislav Dunka 11.F
Mr Foster Finn   

Jayden Butterley 07.E           
Suhayna Rujub 10.D
Miss Quartermaine


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