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English – Superior Students!

A huge boost in student effort has been evident in English lessons this week. There have been some exceptional exam responses written, and some fantastic verbal contributions to class discussions, with students really demonstrating their depth of knowledge and excellent attitudes to their learning.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

Renata Mackova 09.E
Georgia Foster 11.F
Miss Allison

Josh Hague 08.C
Cavern Brittle 09.B
Mr Tingle

Courtney Newton 08.C
Racheal Whetstone 09.E
Miss Pyott

Bethany Talbot 07.F
Hussan Imtiaz 10.C
Miss Jabeen

Sebastian Ilko 11.D
Kevin Ladic 11.C
Miss Wilkinson

Dulcinee Apangande 08.E
Luna Zhou 10.E
Miss Grundy

Frankie Stevens 07.B
Braiden Wharmsby 10.G
Mr Foster Finn

Ayomide Adeboye 08.D
Ayman Abdelrhman 10.B
Miss Quartermaine


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