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English – Superior Students

The nominations for our final Superior Students of the term are in! Our new nominees have really impressed staff with their excellent enthusiasm for English this week, going the extra mile to help out within the classroom, and working exceptionally hard to prepare for their final assessments this term.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

Hermione Mercy 11.E
Mrs Mather

Brandon Sanderson 10.D
Keren Mafuta 10.D

Miss Allison

Cavern Brittle 09.B
Mya Holden 10.B

Mr Tingle

Ibrahim Hussain 08.F
Tj Machin 11.D

Miss Pyott

Ethan Hovey 08.G
Rozalia Mackova 11.A

Miss Wilkinson

Hijran Yasin 07.C
Shagufta Muhammad 09.F

Miss Grundy

Ryan Brown 09.G
Mohammed Qasem 11.B
Mr Foster Finn

Caroline Rosado Awada 08.C
Kati Tingle 09.H

Miss Quartermaine


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