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Galaxy of Greatness – Superior Science Students!

The following have been nominated by a member of staff for their brilliant work in Science over the last half-term:


Sherefedin Xhoka Y7 – Sheref is always keen to learn in science and often brings in objects from home which relate to science lesson, proving he can link science to the world around him. Well done Sheref!

Jenice Bean Y9 – Overall a fantastic student.

Rayan Muhammed Y9 – Consistently working hard in Science, well done!

Ahsan Malik Y9 –  Excellent effort in Science, asking scientific questions and always wanting to learn more.

Arsalaan Dehghan Y9 – Consistently high effort in science lessons and great contributions.

Blasmi Mayisokele Y8 – Excellent effort every single lesson!

Lily Nguyen Y8 – Always first in class willing to help set out the books. Impeccably behaved, always tries her best and is always willing to give things a go.

Aisha Ghani Y7 – Excellent start to science at Clifton, showing interest and making fantastic contribution to lesson.


Hussan Imtiaz Y10 – Hussan is always keen to learn in lessons and you can tell he recaps lessons completes independent revision at home. Well done Hussan!

Gull Shair Butta Y11 – Excellent attitude to his science studies.

Tehmeed Mian Y11 – Excellent attitude in Science, consistently completing all tasks and achieving outstanding grades in her mock exams.

Aisha Ali Y10 – Consistently excellent effort in Science as shown by both her understanding and presentation of her book.

Aqsa Hussain Y10 – Consistently high effort in science lessons and great contributions.

Elisa Musaj Y10 – Elisa works so hard every lesson and at home. A star pupil!

Loren Brownlow Y10 – Great effort this year in Science. Improving all the time with knowledge and understanding.

Lauren Blackett Y10 – Huge improvement to Lauren’s attitude and effort in science over the half term, this is starting to reflect in her attainment too.


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