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MFL Performances by Onatti Productions

On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 9 Students at Clifton welcomed two talented Spanish actors from Onatti Productions for an entertaining performance of ‘En el Campamento.’

In this play, we were involved in a story of two friends whose friendship became challenging on a camping trip.

The performance was highly interactive and allowed pupils to use their prior knowledge and their new vocabulary and key words, which they prepared in advance of the performance.

As a result of the pupils’ preparations, students were able to understand the Spanish actors and fully immersed themselves in the performance, deepening their understanding of Spanish.

Students conversed with the Spanish actors and were an active audience, which was well received from the actors, leading to positive comments and praise.

Following the active performance, both actors were impressed with the students’ attitude to learning and engagement, as well as their strong understanding of the play.

Additionally, there were special mentions made to those students individually chosen to join in and participate in the actor’s conversation.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback, from both the actors and pupils, students would very much like to participate in a future performance, continuing their language development and practising their skills.


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