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Class of 2022 Y11 Awards Evening


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Superior Student – English

The ‘Excellence in English’ award winners for this term have been drawn!

The names of each Superior Student from the Spring term were put into a draw and winners from KS3 and KS4 were selected at random by Miss Allison.

And the winners are…
Megan Bakuza 08.H
Maleeka Khan 10.C

These students have shown an incredible amount of effort and enthusiasm in their English lessons this term. Megan consistently works hard in lessons, contributing her ideas in class discussions and always showing a fantastic attitude to her learning. Maleeka was recently nominated by her teacher for writing a brilliant ‘Point of View’ piece for a recent assessment. Mr Foster Finn said that she “had shown a real aptitude for the style.”

Outstanding achievements for both students!


100 Club Event

Our 100% attendees were invited to our exclusive 100 club event in the Quad on the final day of half term. The Ice Cream and

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