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Superior Students – English

We consider the techniques writers have used and the effect they have on the reader – We are imaginative and ambitious writers – We read for pleasure and explore new texts.
Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students of the week in English. They are perfect examples of The English Way.

David Horvath 09.H
Kacper Mirga 10.F
Miss Beard

Haniah Khan 09.H
Natalia Nyari 10.C
Mr Tingle

Souhaib Mohamed 09.C
Brandon Sanderson 10.D
Miss Allison

Robert Toth 07.A
TJ Machin 11.D
Miss Pyott

Reece Brown 07.G
Yusuf Saho 09.G
Miss Foster

Harvey Bright 07.G
Majid Khan 10.B
Miss St Pierre Davis

Blaismi Mayisokele 08.B
Aldisa Musaj 11.E
Mr Foster Finn

Emil Dunka 08.C
Hannah Franklin 09.D
Miss Briddock


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