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Superior Students – English

The English department has been a hive of activity this week! Year 9 have been producing some superb stories and getting creative with their vocabulary and punctuation skills, and students across Year 7 and Year 8 have been working hard on their STAR reading tests. Some students have increased their reading age by as much as 43 months since their last tests in April, which is a phenomenal achievement!

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students of the week in English. They are perfect examples of The English Way!

Mohammed Yassine 09.B
Renata Markova 09.B
Miss Beard

Nikolas Macko 08.I
Jaiden Sneddon 10.E
Mr Tingle

Souhaib Mohammed 09.C
Tyler Richardson 10.X
Miss Allison 

Molly Plant 08.I
Alex Koval 09.F
Miss Pyott 

Lola Hatfiled 07.G
Souhaib Mohammed 09.C
Miss Foster 

Mya Foster 07.F
Ukashah Munir 09.F
Miss Jabeen

Valerie Tulejova 07.C
Yusuf Azam 09.A
Mr Foster Finn 

Rigersa Sadrija 07.F
Wahleed Iqbal 10.F
Miss Briddock


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