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Celebrating Culture at Clifton

On Thursday 18th October, Clifton Community School hosted is first Cultural Exchange event celebrating the culture of students, families and teachers at Clifton. 

It was a superb event and was attended by hundreds of parents and children in their heritage dress bringing food, stories and music from their variety of cultures and countries of family origin. 

The ‘buzz’ in school was great and attendance went up on that day. Students indicated with sticky dots on a world map which country they identified with. There was such a brilliant mix of backgrounds and cultures celebrated throughout the school community. New friends were made and existing friendships were reinforced. 

Chair of Governors for Clifton, Helen Wetherall said:

“With all the difficulties in the world today, I had a very happy and life-affirming afternoon sharing different cultures with the wonderful community around Clifton.

Mrs Leng has suggested that this should be a regular event for the school and as Chair of Governors I would support this wholeheartedly.”

School News

Y7 WMAC Success!

Last month, Mason, a new CCS Year 7 student, attended a karate competition where he won Gold in Continuous Fighting, and Silver in Points Fighting!

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