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CCS Appoints RE Ambassadors

The Religious Education department would like to thank every student who applied for the RE ambassador role and extend our congratulations to the students below who were successful:

Year 7

  • Manha Shah
  • Sakina Abubakari
  • Martins Lomidi

Year 8

  • Faizaan Ali
  • Farhan Mohammed
  • Lilly Mae Hartley

Year 9

  • Phaozeyat Adebiyi
  • Nza Alan

Year 10

  • Rabia Imtiaz
  • Tinotenda Muranda


They are keen to share with you that students in Year 7 to 10 are moving onto their next topic within the core RE curriculum.

Year 7 will be studying Christianity.

Year 8 are looking at how different media outlets have portrayed religious groups, beliefs, and practices; then considering if in their own opinion the media should have the freedom to do this or not.

Year 9 will be considering how people make ethical decisions.

Year 10 will be considering arguments presented to both support and oppose the existence of a god.

The ambassadors are keen to remind you that at the start of each topic students receive a topic talk card, these can be used to support your child’s learning beyond the classroom. The topic talk cards contain discussion questions you can use at home, some suggested links for further research and the key vocabulary for the topic.

Year 7 TTC 2

The topic talk cards can be found in your child’s RE book or by clicking on the links below.


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