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Careers in the Curriculum – Art, Music and ICT

At Wickersley Partnership Trust, it is our number one priority to prepare our students for life and there is nothing more important than making sure that students have the knowledge and skills they need in order to play their full role in society and contribute to improving it. That is why we ensure that each subject our students study includes information on what career path the subject can lead to and how it can contribute to others. 

Last term, our students took part in ‘Careers in the Curriculum’ weeks with a focus on Art, Music and ICT.

Across our secondary schools, students from all year groups focused on what jobs you can get from pursuing Art and how the Art Way supports their learning. 

Each year group took part in slightly different lessons and workshops. Y7 focused on the transferable skills that can be developed from Art, like critical thinking, problem solving and communication. Y8 learned how Art helps us to understand the world. Y9 identified where else Art features in our lives. Y10 looked at the link between Art, mental health and wellbeing, and Y11 and Y12 focused on the different pathways you can choose if you want to study and pursue a career in Art. 

Music was closely linked with the recent Drama Careers in the Curriculum week and all students learned about the jobs you can do in the music industry and how the Music Way supports learning and building of life skills. During the lessons, our students looked at case studies of how people have broken into the music industry, different pathways that you can take and some of the non-obvious jobs that use Music. 

Students from all year groups then focused on ICT. They looked at the vast opportunities and careers there are in ICT, and how the ICT Way supports learning. 

Y7s learned all about the life skills that you can gain from studying ICT. Y8s looked at the jobs and skills required to pursue a career in gaming. Y9s had a strong focus on software development and what you need to do to become a Software Developer. Y10s identified what an IT Manager does and what it’s like to work in Cyber Security, and Y11s and Y12s looked at the different pathways to get into a range of IT careers.

We will be continuing our ‘Careers in the Curriculum’ weeks throughout the year, looking at more career paths and how they link to what our students study during their time at secondary school. 

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