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Y8 Gurdwara Trip!

Last month, Year 8 visited the Gurdwara, as they entered, they were given a tour by Jaswinder, who is a Sikh volunteer. All students were given small headscarves to wear, and they also had to remove their shoes as they entered. This is an important sign of respect and keeps the Gurdwara clean!

They were then shown the prayer hall, where there was a large feature called the Takht, this is where the Guru Granth Sahib is placed. As the students walked around, they were able to see the Guru Granth Sahib while it was being recited, and also the granthi use the chauri, which is a fan like object that they use to fan the Guru Granth Sahib. 

Jaswinder then gave them a talk about Sikhism and its key principles. Jaswinder explained how Sikhism is about equality, and how everyone is equal no matter what religion, race or sex. He also went on to say how nobody should compare other religions to one another, in Sikhism it says all religion connects together like jigsaw pieces. Christians believe in god and Muslims believe in Allah, all linking to one god.

After the discussion in the prayer hall, the students went down to the langar hall, which is a huge food hall where Sikhs offer food to all guests at the Gurdwara. They were offered a meal with a lentil curry, roti/chapatti, and rice. While they were enjoying the meal, they also met local Sikhs that were helping out at the Gurdwara that day. 

The trip was absolutely fantastic, and the students learned so much!

School News

Y7 WMAC Success!

Last month, Mason, a new CCS Year 7 student, attended a karate competition where he won Gold in Continuous Fighting, and Silver in Points Fighting!

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