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Career of the Week: Sports Physiotherapist

This week’s Career of the Week is: Sports Physiotherapist! Sports physiotherapists advise sportsmen and women on how to reach peak fitness and performance. They direct and help them recover and avoid injury and use their sports and medical knowledge to keep players in top condition. Want to find out more? Take a look at the […]

Career of the Week: Graphic Designer

This week’s Career of the Week is: Graphic Designer! Graphic designers meet clients needs by working creatively to come up with new ideas using a range of different media. The work includes advertising campaigns, book covers, magazines, posters, websites and packaging. Here are some key links: Rotherham College L3 Graphic Design Course – https://bit.ly/3v7A8VF Thomas […]

Career of the Week: Tourism Operations Manager ✈

This week’s Career of the Week is: Tourism Operations Manager. Operations managers work in all kinds of industries to ensure the overall smooth running of a business. The role is varied and involves a lot of responsibility. You might manage a new tourism project or a specific aspect of an existing site. You might start […]

Career of the Week: Chef 🍽

🍽 As we are now able to meet our friends & family and share a meal in restaurants, pubs and cafes this week, we celebrate the career of being a chef! Click the following links if you want to find out more ⬇ Start- https://app.startprofile.com/role/852 National Careers Service – https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/job-profiles/chef

Career of the Week: Music Therapist 🎶

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week and to celebrate both live music and the Brit Awards returning to us, this week’s Career of the Week is: Music Therapist 🎶 Music therapists use music creatively to help their clients address social, emotional or physical difficulties. You won’t teach your clients to sing or play an […]

Career of the Week – Paramedic 🚑

This week’s Career of the Week is: Paramedic 🚑 Paramedics work as part of a rapid response team and follow up emergency calls, often being the first healthcare professionals on the scene. Start – https://app.startprofile.com/role/474 Sheffield Hallam University – https://bit.ly/3gZWbtJ (Degree in Paramedic Science) NHS Apprenticeships – See the image below! 👇

Career of the Week: Electrician – W/C 26th April 2021

This week’s Career of the Week is: Electrician   If you’re interested in this career, here are some key links that you might find useful:   Rotherham College Electrical Course – https://bit.ly/3vokiq2   Mears Group Apprenticeships – https://bit.ly/2QuUKcb   Start – https://app.startprofile.com/role/468   #CliftonCareers  

Career of the Week – W/C 12th April 2021

Interested? Take a look at some courses at Dearne Valley College & Sheffield Hallam University: ???? https://bit.ly/3mPuWTB ????https://bit.ly/32e7WEs ????https://bit.ly/3wRKc77


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