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Maths Superior Students of the Week

We have had an amazing first week back in Maths. All of our students have really engaged well in their lessons. The following students have really impressed their teacher. Well done!

Mrs Horner

  • Kian Keast Y7
  • Sameer Hussain Y7


Mr Jones

  • Wajid Karimi Y10
  • Daniel Tokar Y10


Miss Bacon

  • Jozef Gazi Y7


Miss Williams

  • Kati Tingle Y8
  • Courtney Morton Y8
  • Abigail Gibson Y7
  • Levi Brown Y7


Mrs Liversidge

  • Owais Ahmed Y8
  • Martin Hanko Y8


Mrs Thompson

  • Eva Gujdanova Y9
  • Ayman Abdelrahman Y9

AR Star of the week

Congratulations to the new AR Star of the Week, Sherefedin Xhoka in Miss Bribbock’s class, 7En4! Sherefedin is making huge progress in his reading lately and

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