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Superior Students for English

Our students have worked exceptionally hard since returning to school, adapting well to the change in teaching rooms and continuing to produce some outstanding work in their lessons.

Well done to each and every one of our Superior Students for this week – the English team are incredibly proud of you!

Miss Allison:  Luke Dennis 08.G, Richard Eblet 10.C

Mr Tingle: Vanesa Farkasova 07.F, Thomas Parker, 10.C

Miss Pyott: Jessica Kaur 08.H, Muram El Siddig 09.D

Miss Grundy: Ruya Foord 07.I, Tehmeed Mian 10.F

Mr Foster Finn: Jine Sadek 08.C, Aneta Visha 10.E

Miss Quartermaine: Kaiba Hussain 07.A, Josh Myers 08.H

Miss Briddock: Elif Sari 07.F, Daniela Dominguez Sarmiento 10.A

Miss Jabeen: Erin Sanderson 08.C, Hina Hussain 10.B

Miss Chantrey: Rachel Battersby 09.C


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