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Maths Superior Students of the Week

Well done to this week’s Superior Students of the Week. You have all really impressed your teacher this week in Maths. Well done!


Mrs Horner

  • Kiya Staniforth Y9
  • Maria Ilkova Y7


Mr Jones

  • Livia Joniova Y10
  • Conner Gennard Y8

Miss Bacon

  • Byron Vernon Y7

Miss Williams

  • Abigail Gibson Y7
  • Courtney Newton Y7
  • Mark Cliff Y7
  • Mushtaba Nadeem Y9

Mr Thompson

  • Yusuf Saho Y8

Mrs Liversidge

  • Tia Braitch Y8
  • Isabelle Rose Wilkinson Y8

Mrs Thompson

  • Kayla Cran Y9
  • Daniela Chroma Y9



AR Star of the week

Congratulations to the new AR Star of the Week, Sherefedin Xhoka in Miss Bribbock’s class, 7En4! Sherefedin is making huge progress in his reading lately and

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