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IT End of Term Awards

A huge congratulations to you all for going over and above this term during your IT lessons. Keep up the great work!
iMedia Master
Miss Hewitt
Inderpreet Saroya 10C
Taylor Horne 10G
Mr Khan
Jack Walker 10E
Lamar Faghirzeh 10F
Kristina Gombarova 10F
Top Tech
Miss Hewitt
Marley Braitch 8F
Jacob Hadfield 8C
Alexi McGill 8G
Mr Khan
Ali Zandani 8F
Sameer Hussain 8I
Josh Hague 8C
Top Entrepreneur
Miss Hewitt
Josh Myers 9H
Jessica Kaur 9H
Jine Sadek 9C
Mr Khan
Phoebe Roberts 10D
Ibrahim Awan 10B
Dakota Whincup 9C

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