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Hope for the Future Eco Summit Day

On Tuesday 16th November, the five Eco-Council teams from across Wickersley Partnership Trust’s five secondary schools came together for a day of collaborative learning and campaigning run by local charity, Hope for the Future.  

Hope For The Future is a climate charity which works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians.

So far HFTF have taught the Eco-Council students how to campaign for change and what campaigning looks like, as well as introducing them to their local politician through a Q&A session.

The young activists all met and took part in a very interactive and collaborative day of campaigning through craft and writing activities, and they learned how these campaigns are met and addressed in Parliament.

 It was an extremely productive and proactive day of campaigning and it was also fantastic to see so many aspiring students from across the five schools connect so well.

Rosie Wright, Schools & Youth Outreach Support Officer, said: “Our team at Hope for the Future were delighted to work with such passionate and engaged students from the Eco-Councils across the Wickersley Partnership Trust for our Parliament Week event on Tuesday 16th November. The focus of the event was on Climate Change and Parliament, and learning about how students can engage with Parliament and their MPs to inspire meaningful action to address Climate Change. Throughout the day students crafted climate-themed decorations for their MPs, wrote postcards to their MPs including their own poems about climate change, and also took part in a workshop on how to create petitions to Parliament lead by Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira of Leeds University.

“All of us at Hope for the Future were thrilled to be met with such enthusiasm for issues of Climate Change from all students, and are looking forward to sending all of their excellent poems on to their MPs. We’re sure the MPs will find them just as moving and thought-provoking as we did!” 


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