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English – Superior Students

The final week of term may be approaching, but momentum and motivation in the Clifton English department continues to progress.

Students in Y11 have shown impressive commitment with revision for their mock exams this week, dedication that will really give them the results they deserve. In lessons, focus remains high and among other reasons, our Superior Students have been recognised for their excellent effort and thoughtful contributions to class discussions.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

Connie Watson 11.F
Mrs Mather:

Liam Harper 08.A
Chisom Chrisptopher 11.D

Miss Allison

Lauren Blackett 10.C
Lacey Richardson 11.B

Mr Tingle

Megan Bailey 07.F
Alexander Raistrick 10.A

Miss Pyott

Faiza Hussain 07.D
Ravin Ali Hussain 11.B

Miss Jabeen

Reece Brown 07.G
Ludo Sivak 11.F

Miss Wilkinson

Emil Dunka 08.C
Daniela Dominguez Sarmiento 11.A

Miss Grundy

Emily Eveson 07.C
Pharrell Matouka 11.D

Mr Foster Finn

Jessica Arthur 08.B
Majid Khan 10.B

Miss Quartermaine


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