English – Superior Students

The final week of term may be approaching, but momentum and motivation in the Clifton English department continues to progress. Students in Y11 have shown impressive commitment with revision for their mock exams this week, dedication that will really give them the results they deserve. In lessons, focus remains high and among other reasons, our […]

AR Star of the Week ⭐

Our Accelerated reader this week is Manasik Mohammed in Miss Grundy’s class, 7En4. Manasik visits the library during breaktime almost every day! She is regularly taking AR quizzes and always tries her very best to understand each story. Her quiz scores are really improving and her hard work is really starting to shine through. Well […]

English – Superior Students!

A huge boost in student effort has been evident in English lessons this week. There have been some exceptional exam responses written, and some fantastic verbal contributions to class discussions, with students really demonstrating their depth of knowledge and excellent attitudes to their learning. Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students! Renata Mackova 09.E […]

English – Superior Students!

With mock exams due to start for our Y11 students next week, revision, preparation and focus have been seen in abundance in classrooms this week. Students have shown incredible determination and have made a conscientious effort with their learning, all aiming to do their best in their upcoming assessments. Congratulations to all of our new […]

English Superior Students of the Week

The final week of term has finally arrived and with it some sensational successes from our students in English.  Teachers have nominated students for their exceptional effort, outstanding assessment results and for demonstrating superb attitudes towards their learning.   Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!  You are perfect examples of the Clifton English Way. […]

English – Superior Students

Our success stories continue in the English department this week. Students have made thoughtful contributions to class discussions and have shown themselves to be ravenous readers with their exceptional attitudes to reading and quizzing on our Accelerated Reader program. Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students of the week! Justin Gabor 09.G Logan McCloud […]

Superior Students of the week: English

The English department has had another successful week with lots of students displaying tremendous effort and enthusiasm for their learning. We have seen students face their fears of reading out in class, some excellent self-reflection of written work and our Year 7 and 8 students making an incredible start to their Accelerated Reading lessons. Congratulations […]

Superior Students of the Week – English

From amazing scores on Star assessments to sharing thoughtful ideas about socialism and capitalism, English teachers have seen some outstanding work during lessons this week. Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students of the week!   Mrs Mather: Tibor Nistor 09.A & Sienna Elliott 10.D Miss Allison: Liam Harper 08.A & Talha Munir 11.C […]

Superior Students of the Week – English

Students have made a superb start to their English lessons since returning to school in September. Staff have been impressed with how eager their classes are to learn and have seen some fantastic examples of students going above and beyond to gain everything they can from their lessons. Congratulations to all of our Superior Students […]

Excellence in English Award Winners

Our final ‘Excellence in English’ award winners for this year have been drawn! The names of each Superior Student from the Summer term were put into a draw and winners from KS3 and KS4 selected at random by Miss Allison. And the winners are… Josh Myers 08.H Jaydan Moore 10.E These students have shown an […]